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This page is to have all the content in one place explaining the RPM Act and where you can reach out to your State Rep and speak up to protect our industry. The federal government is after our hobby more than ever and it’s time for all of us to speak up. With creating new and regulating current federal laws, it makes it impossible to build a race car. They are also going after the manufacturing performance parts. With the increase in fines and mandatory testing, it limits what can be created thus hurting the racing world.

These laws over step State ones on what you can do to a vehicle and make it impossible to build a race car or able to compete in events. This also hurts and will delete yearly races. The current law is designed to not allow any VIN produced car, truck, or bike to be converted into a race car.  It also attacks the tuning and changing out parts to help them win or perform the way they want.  The current attack on manufacturers, shops and racers will kill thousands of jobs and hurt a billion dollar a year industry. Most performance parts used are shipped around the world and are made here in the States. If things continue as they are, this will affect a world wide hobby.

We all can share a passion with this. American, Import, or Euro motorsports are on the line now. Let us all stand together and fight for our hobby to continue. Lets protect the race car and manufacturing!